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Corporate Vision
Blue Industry, Innovated World
Interpretation: Blue is representative of purity and advanced technology, it is employed here to represent advanced industries, emerging industries and environmental-friendly industries, it also indicates the industry Landian devotes itself to is a blue ocean (in correspondence to the red sea); innovated world is a point where Landian start with high-tech to promote the whole industry and benefit people.
Corporate Mission
Improve homeland, benefit mankind
Interpretation: A bigger and stronger Landian can reduce plastics and environmental pollution and therefore improve our homeland; Landian will devote itself in the near future and open up overseas markets in order to better our planet and benefit people all over the world.
Corporate Culture
Build your dream, shoulder your responsibility Intepretation: A dream begets an ideal, which begets a goal, which begets motivation. Chinese people have a great Chinese dream while Landian and all its employees have a dream of rapid progress and mutual development. Landian’s dream also aims to improve our mother planet and benefit the entire human race.
Corporate Slogan
Interpretation: Science and technology constitute the primary productive force, they are depended on by high-tech industries, which can advance the world. China is now being threated by worsening environment as high-tech not only changes the way we live but also changes our living conditions, that is why Landian devotes itself to advanced high-tech green products which can change our living conditions and make our life better.
Corporate Style
Vigorous execution, unostentatious attitude “Realistic spirit” is a perpetual stardard for a company, it lays solid foundation for a company’s growth.Vigorous excution charactrises Landian’s determination, courage, swiftness and effiency. While unostentatious attitude summerises Landian’s pragmatical and down-to-earth working style.
Production Philosophy
Technology first, lean production
As an examplary hi-tech company, Landian firmly believes technology is the primary productive force and innovation constitutes a company’s blood. Landian also relentlessly carries out “lean production” philosophy. Lean production means high quality, small quantity and zero unnecessary essential productive factors. It means production at the appropriate time in response to market demands. Lean production indicates benefit and profit, it requires profits from all kinds of operating activities. Landian’s goal is to blend this philosophy into production and put technology into products to meet market’s demands and produce first-class products efficently.
Marketing Philosophy
Market-oriented industry, innovated demands
Constant progress belongs to those companies that can fit changing markets. As a market-oriented company, Landian pays close attention to new market demands and observe opportunities with keen eyes. Innovating market demands and seeking opportunities is Landian’s directing strategy.
Quality Philosophy
The more a product’s quality is stressed, the better, because it concerns a company’s vitality. Landian is dedicated to providing customers with excellent products and service. No products can reach customers’ hands without strict quality
control from all production sectors. It’s each and every one in Landian’s responsibility to attach importance to quality、care about and supervise quality, they can contribute to Landian’s constant progress. Ace products can guarantee Landian’s vitality.
Brand Philosophy
Green & innovation
Conserving resources and environment protection are both China’s basic state policy and everyone’s honourable duty. Green conception has been deeply engraved into everyone’s mind. Only those companies which can shoulder social responsibility can gain clients’ respect and recognition. The green and hi-tech products Landian commits to can meet environmental needs and lead consumption trends. Science and technology constitute a primary productive force, therefore Landian commits itself to R&D of green and hi-tech products. Solving environmental problems by technological innovation showcases a company’s responsibility and Landian is an examplary brand.
Service Philosophy
Service can create value
Corporate competitions in the 21st century has turned from traditional products competion to accessorial service competition. Products constitute essence while service the soul, Landian always makes it a point to raise customers’ value and winning their trust by comprehensive and sincere service. Landian’s goal is to enrich corporate culture by first-class service and raise products’ value so that it can establish a good reputation and achieve sustained development.