About Us



Corporate Vision

Blue industry moves the world Definition: Blue represents purity and high technology, and blue industry represents high-tech industry, emerging industry and environmental protection industry, which also means that Lantian is engaged in a blue ocean (corresponding to the red ocean); Canon is a classic. Canon means to move the world with the sound of "canon" and "point", meaning "give me a fulcrum, and I can move the earth". It means to drive the development of the entire industry and benefit one party through the high-tech technology of Lantian. At the same time, "Blue" and "Classic" correspond to each other, which is called "Blue Code" and has a strong corporate brand.


Corporate mission

Improve our homes for the benefit of mankind Definition: By making Landian bigger and stronger, we can replace more foam plastic products, reduce environmental pollution and improve our home; In the near future, Landian will take scientific and technological innovation as the foundation, go abroad and open up international markets, so as to improve the earth's home and benefit mankind.


Enterprise spirit

Have a dream and dare to take responsibility Definition: Where there is a dream, there is an ideal, where there is an ideal, there is a goal, and where there is a goal, there is motivation. All Chinese people have a great Chinese dream. Lantian Company and all its employees have a dream of rapid development, common growth, improvement of their homes and the benefit of mankind, and always adhere to this dream and strive to realize it; At the same time, not only should the enterprise be brave to assume social responsibility, but in the entire production and operation process of the enterprise, everyone should be down-to-earth, dare to assume responsibility, be brave to shoulder heavy responsibilities, and do their duty to jointly create a better future for Lantian.


Enterprise slogan

Technology changes the environment Definition: Science and technology are the primary productive forces. Scientific and technological progress supports the development of high-tech industries, and high-tech industries drive the progress of the whole society. China is facing the threat of environmental degradation. While high-tech changes people's lifestyle, it also changes people's living environment. Landian is committed to making use of advanced technology to innovate environmental protection products, and strive to change the human living environment to make our lives better.


Enterprise style

Be resolute, steadfast and willing to work "Realism" is the eternal requirement of enterprise development and a solid foundation for enterprise progress. Being resolute and resolute represents the working style of Lantian people, which is determined, resolute, quick in action and efficient in pursuit. Being down-to-earth and hardworking represents the working style of Lantian people, which is practical, not afraid of difficulties, able to settle down and step by step.


Production concept

Technology oriented, lean production: As a model of high-tech enterprise, Landian always insists that science and technology are the first productive force and technological innovation is the vitality of the enterprise. At the same time, it always implements the management concept of "lean production" in the production link. "Fine" means excellent, precise and exquisite, that is to say, few but fine. It does not invest extra production factors, but only produces products suitable for market demand at an appropriate time; "Benefit" represents interest and benefit, that is, all business activities should focus on economic benefits. The goal of Landian people is to integrate the "lean" concept into production, integrate science and technology into products, quickly respond to market demand, and efficiently produce outstanding products.


Marketing concept

Market orientation and innovation demand: Only enterprises that adapt to changes in market demand can achieve sustainable development. Taking the market as the orientation, always paying attention to the demand dynamics, keenly discovering the market opportunities, accurately grasping the market context, innovating the market demand, and discovering the blue ocean are the strategic guidance for Lantian people to explore the market.


Quality concept

Check at all levels, quality first: Quality is the life of an enterprise, which cannot be overemphasized. Landian is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. It promises that every product will be finally delivered to customers through strict quality control in all production links and screening at all levels. Paying attention to quality, caring about quality and supervising quality are the responsibilities of every Lantian person and the driving force for the continuous development of Lantian; High quality products are the guarantee of Landian's vitality.


Brand concept

Green environmental protection technology innovation It is China's basic national policy to conserve resources and protect the environment; It is also the glorious responsibility of every citizen of the earth to protect the ecological environment and the healthy homeland of mankind. Today, when the concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, only those enterprises that have the courage to shoulder social responsibility can be respected and recognized by consumers. Lantian Technology is committed to producing green technology products that meet the needs of environmental protection and lead the trend of consumption; Science and technology are the primary productive forces. Lantian is committed to the production and research and development of green high-tech products. It is the embodiment of corporate responsibility and the profound connotation of the brand Lantian to solve environmental pollution problems through scientific and technological innovation.


Service tenet

Service enhances value In the 21st century, the competition among enterprises has shifted from traditional product competition to additional service competition. Products are fundamental and service is the soul. Landian Technology has always taken improving customer value as its own responsibility and won the trust of customers with high-quality, comprehensive and sincere services. Refine enterprise culture with service, and increase product price with service Value, achieve a good corporate image of Landian and achieve sustainable development of the enterprise.