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Bio-based polybutylene succinate (PBS)


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Bio-based polybutylene succinate (PBS)

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Bio-based polybutylene succinate (PBS)
Characteristics: White granules, density of 1.26g/cm, melting point of 114 C, its crystallinity is between 30~45%. It is milky white, odorless, easy to be decomposed, is a typical biodegradable polymer.
Application: It can be used to produce environmentally friendly degradable plastic products, agricultural films, disposable medical supplies, biomedical polymer materials, packaging materials, disposable tableware, cosmetic bottles, biological fibers, biological foamed materials, biological nonwoven materials and so on.
Application field of bio-based polybutylene succinate
Bio-based PBS is a biodegradable material, which is widely used in the fields of daily necessities, agricultural films, foamed materials, health care products and so on. The promotion and application of degradable plastics is the best way to solve the problem of white waste pollution.
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