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ShandongLandianbiologicalTechnologyCo.,Ltd halal poolicy

ShandongLandianbiologicalTechnologyCo.,Ltd halal poolicy

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Shandong Landian Biological Technology Co.,Ltd. implementataion objective of Halal Assurance System(HAS) IN ACCORDANCE TO THE RULE OF ip pop mui IS TO ASSURING THE Halalness of the products continousl
ShandongLandianbiologicalTechnologyCo.,Ltd halal poolicy
Shandong Landian Biological Technology Co.,Ltd. implementataion objective of Halal Assurance System(HAS) IN ACCORDANCE TO THE RULE OF ip pop mui IS TO ASSURING THE Halalness of the products continously and consistently based on islamic law.
Ensuring the raw materials which used in certified products are certified halal by LPPOMMUI.
Ensuring all the production systems which produce certified products are clean enough and free from non-halal.
Ensuring all the finished goods manufactured for Moslem consumers are certified halal by LPPOMMUI.