Product advantages

Succinic acid, disodium succinate, bio based 1,4-butanediol and bio based PBS are produced by biological fermentation with renewable starch sugar as raw materials, which has the advantage of low price of raw materials; At the same time, our company's fermentation technology, through continuous research and development and improvement of production process in recent years, has solved the problem that there are many impurities and by-products in the fermentation process. The production cost of the product has been continuously reduced, and the product quality has been continuously improved. The use of succinic acid products to develop bio based PBS can effectively promote the application of PBS in the market.
Biological succinic acid (succinic acid) and biological sodium succinate products are all produced by biological fermentation. Biological succinic acid has the advantage of low production process cost, and will be a strong competitor to replace the petrochemical production process in the future; Bio based 1,4 butanediol is different from the products produced by chemical method. Bio based PBAT and other products can be produced by using bio based butanediol, which can promote the promotion of bio based PBAT in European and American markets. Bio based PBS is a kind of bio based PBS products that the company continues to extend downstream on the basis of bio based succinic acid products. The bio based PBS series products have obvious advantages in mechanical performance and degradation performance, and the production raw material is our company's bio based succinic acid, so the biological carbon content fully conforms to the standards of Europe and the United States.