Technical Advantages

Microbial fermentation technology for the production of biological succinic acid: the technology comes from Professor Zhang Xueli's research group of the "Institute of Industrial Microbiology Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Tianjin)". Our company has bought this technology patent for 20 years. This technology uses the most efficient genetic engineering strain in the world, avoids the generation of miscellaneous acids and other by-products by adding inorganic salts to anaerobic fermentation, and efficiently prepares biological succinic acid (biological succinic acid), Our company is the first manufacturer to realize the industrial production of this technology in China. The industrial production of this technology has greatly reduced the production cost of succinic acid, replaced the traditional production process using petroleum as raw material (maleic anhydride), effectively promoted the application of this product, alleviated the impact of succinic acid production by chemical method on environmental pollution, and is a truly green and energy-saving production process.
Biobased polybutylene succinate (PBS) production technology: Originating from the national "863" major plan during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Professor Guo Baohua, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, as the team leader, has developed the internationally leading production technology of bio based polybutylene succinate (PBS) and its copolymers in cooperation with several joint scientific research institutes. Tsinghua University has six authorized patents in this technology field. Our company has deeply cooperated with the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University to jointly develop this product, and has the right to use all patents.